TLG’s New ‘Fast-Track’ Business Plans

As businesses and business owners look to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, they will be challenged to adapt to whatever the future holds. As a business owner, I’m right there with you. As a business strategist and leadership developer, I’m right here to help you.

To help solve for the unknown, my firm, The Lattitude Group has introduced ‘fast-track’ business plans. These step-by-step plans start with immediate business needs, such as financial viability, and advance to business stability and then business prosperity.

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The Entrepreneur Accelerator

“People are beginning to get back up, and they’re resilient.”

Reem Kharbat of The Entrepreneur Accelerator invited our CEO Kathy on to discuss what to DO to come out of the crisis. She discusses our Emergence, Resurgence, and Convergence planning in detail, financial planning, loans, and leadership adaptation.

By the end of this episode, you will learn the value of telling the truth, the balance between cash and profits, and educating yourself on what you can do better. Stay tuned!