Sophisticated Processes and Tools

Thorough Investigation

Backed with Real-World Expertise

We work with you to design your roadmap

Expect a new mindset and a new attitude along with tangible results and improved ROI

Your Roadmap

Creates buy-in and alignment from all stakeholders while building consensus

Establishes a common vision and direction

Creates shared commitment and accountability

Drives ownership of the goals

Your Roadmap

Provides discipline and process adherence for your team

Enables successful execution through monthly reviews

Includes a semi-annual   
strategy update, and ongoing leadership coaching

Drives accountability and change management 

Strategic Planning

See the road ahead with complete clarity—your vision, our map to get there. A sound process and deliverables are needed to put you on the road to success. This process is dynamic. As your internal and external conditions change, we help you adapt your plan to ensure consistent and effective change management.

The Process

We use Strategic Thinking and Business Planning to gain a deeper understanding of your business.

We will define your vision, your core values, and key Long Term Strategic Objectives.

The Deliverable

The clarity of your vision is built into your Business Plan.

We work with you to identify the Goals that will ensure that you make progress over the next 12 months toward realizing your Vision and achievement of your Strategic Objectives.

What to expect:

This in-depth, insightful, often challenging, and always worth it process drives change.

You will discover where your business can take you and how to get there and plan for any potential roadblocks.

Execution Support

We work with you to implement a structured review process to keep your plan alive and a part of your day-to-day operations. We set up Business Reviews that are focused on tracking progress relative to the Strategic Objectives, Goals and Action Steps are identified in the business planning process.

The Process

Inevitably, you will encounter detours or change in direction. We help you navigate change and adjust your Business Plan. Through Business Plan Coaching, we work with you to establish processes, provide appropriate leadership and exercise the discipline to keep on track.

The Deliverable

Our monthly review sessions and project plans keep everything on course. We are here to help coach you and your team.

What to expect:

Be prepared to get re-energized about your business and be excited to go to work again as you start to see results at this stage.

Watch your business prospects and opportunities grow!

PHase one

Create the Plan

Senior Management Team

Onsite or Virtual

Strategic Planning

Onsite or Virtual

Strategic Planning

Onsite or Virtual

phase two


Monthly Business Reviews

Onsite or Virtual

Mid-Year Strategic Refresh

Onsite or Virtual

Leadership Development

This is a customized, tailored plan to meet your company’s expectations and your staff’s needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter plan. We find that most people are capable and competent to perform their job. When your team members aren’t meeting their full potential, we help them find the inspiration and ignite the spark through individual coaching and group development processes.

The formula for true success and sustained excellence includes not only skills and knowledge but also three other essentials:

  • Positive attitudes, which lead to good habits and desired behaviors
  • Successful goal-setting and achievement
  • Alignment of personal and organizational goals

The Process

Based on our work with hundreds of individuals, your team will gain the skills needed to make an immediate positive impact on business results and organizational morale. Some examples of what they will learn:

  • Influencing Skills: Getting results through superiors, subordinates, and peers
  • Change Management: Personal adaptation and gaining ownership and motivation
  • Accountability Skills: Accountability that gets results and leads to growth and development
  • Leadership Lexicons:  The unequivocals of transformational leadership
  • Tangible, sustainable behaviors and habits
  • Vision setting that inspires
  • Leadership and results in the middle of your organization
  • How to be the best leader to your leader
  • Business vs. People? These are  complementary, not adversaries
  • Conflict resolution

The Deliverable

Your team members leave with the tools they need including:

On-going Coaching to keep growing personally and professionally.

Actionable Plans to hit the ground running when they return to work. We provide a storage tool, accountability reminders, and more.

What to expect:

Expect to see your team go from just getting by to becoming a re-engaged, enthusiastic, cohesive team that delivers results. We have a holistic approach to leadership development—their growth will be both personal and professional.

The feedback we hear all the time, “I can’t believe my company helped me not only grow professionally but personally.”

Business Recovery Plans

These Business Plan solutions were purposely built for today’s business environment and budget challenges. They are completed virtually within hours (not weeks) and you will finish with a clear roadmap for recovery. Each plan is modular: we work with you to see where you are and that’s where we start.

These are plans for the more immediate future, approximately 6 months, and fall into three categories:

  • Emergence Strategic Planning: Focus on Financial Viability
  • Resurgence Strategic Planning: Focus on Business Stability
  • Convergence Strategic Planning: Focus on Company Prosperity

The Process

Participant Input before Sessions: Streamlined, focused prep work designed to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of in-session time.

In-session Time: 1-2 days

In Emergence Strategic Planning the process focus is:

  • Financials:P&L, Balance Sheet, Banking Relationships, Financing Requirements
  • Opportunities

In Resurgence Strategic Planning the process focus is:

  • Financial Review
  • Internal Appraisal
  • External Assessment

In Convergence Strategic Planning the process focus is:

  • Financial Review
  • Internal Appraisal
  • External Assessment
  • New Vision and Operating Model Convergence

The Deliverable

Detailed Plan with Goals, Goal Owners, and Action Plans loaded into TLG’s Client Portal Project Management software which enables an accountability and change management process.

Execution Support: Facilitation and guidance of the accountability and change management process over the course of the business plan cycle.


What to expect:

You will get much more than a plan working with us. Expect a new mindset and a new attitude, along with tangible results and improved ROI. We work with you to get to the core of what can make you and your company successful. Through our years of working in corporate leadership positions to consulting for hundreds of clients, we understand how to help you succeed.

Are You Ready?


Our ideal client is an Owner or President of a privately-held, mid-size company who is ready for a roadmap for improvement and growth. They are ready to invest resources; physical, financial, mental, and emotional.

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

  1. I want to be able to sell my business someday and retire at the beach.

  2. I want to add enough value to the business so that it can fund my retirement.

  3. I want to prepare the business and my children to be able to successfully hand the business off to them in the next 5-10 years.

  4. I want to get the business in a position to sell it to the employees, i.e., offer an ESOP.

In addition to strategic planning and leadership development, we can assist with

Sales Strategy  |  Recovery Planning  |  Project Management  |  Marketing Strategy  |  M&A Consulting  |  Metrics & KPIs