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Business Recovery Plans

Get your company back on track 

Focus: Financial Stability

Emergence is the process of coming into view. 

Focus: Business Stability

Resurgence is a revival from  diminished to surging activity.

Focus: Prosperity

Convergence is coming together and uniting in a common interest.

“The COVID-19 crisis significantly impacted our company and we had to react quickly. I reached out to The Lattitude Group and within hours, I received a response and setup a consultation almost immediately. TLG’s valuable insight and professional advice has helped us greatly during these uncertain times. When I thought about our resources and network of who to turn to, I knew that TLG was the place to go and as always, they did not disappoint.” 
                                                                                                                                                                                   Operations Executive – Industrial Electronics Firm

Emergence Planning

Assess, manage, and plan for financial stability with our power session

Financial health and stability is the first step of any recovery plan. We work with you to take a hard look at where you are and where you need to be to get to the other side whole. We video conference with you and your team, so no travel or face-to-face is required. By the end of the session, you have your plan and are ready to get moving or move to Resurgence Planning.

Emergence Planning Focuses on Financial Viability:

Balance Sheet
Financing Requirements

Resurgence Planning

With your financial plan in place, it’s time to stabilize business operations

Stabilizing your business requires a deep dive into your operations. Together, we look at your operations, systems, and people to help identify gaps. All through the lens of the new reality. And even if your business is not severely impacted by COVID-19, your vendors and suppliers may have been impacted. We help you identify where you are vulnerable. Some of your competitors may not be as focused on preparing for the future as you are, so we help you find those opportunities as well.  

Resurgence Planning Focuses on Business Stability:

Internal Appraisal Operations
External Assessment
Economic Environment
Products and Services
Vendors and Suppliers

Convergence Planning

Start dreaming about the future

There aren’t enough words to describe where we have been and our new reality today. We will recover and adapt to our new world, stronger and better. With this plan, it’s time to look to a future of prosperity for your company and your team. It’s time to dream again. Dreaming is possible—with a plan.

Convergence Planning Focuses on Business Prosperity:

Business Direction
Operating Model

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