The Minding Your Business Podcast

“When business is good, people get comfortable. They don’t think as creatively and they don’t exercise as much discipline.”

Since the pandemic, many businesses are down 50-60%. CEO Kathy Bowman Atkins breaks this down and ways to stop your business from hemorrhaging in her latest appearance on The Minding Your Business Podcast hosted by Ron Brooks.

The Entrepreneur Accelerator

“People are beginning to get back up, and they’re resilient.”

Reem Kharbat of The Entrepreneur Accelerator invited our CEO Kathy on to discuss what to DO to come out of the crisis. She discusses our Emergence, Resurgence, and Convergence planning in detail, financial planning, loans, and leadership adaptation.

By the end of this episode, you will learn the value of telling the truth, the balance between cash and profits, and educating yourself on what you can do better. Stay tuned!

Googlization Nation

Focus on Coming Out Stronger! Do you have a plan to emerge from the pandemic crisis?

A funny thing happened on the way to tomorrow. We found ourselves without a plan. Normalcy was suspended. Our world was knocked off its axis. But fortunately it keeps spinning…just a little faster than it did a few weeks ago. Now we need a plan to emerge. Overnight most of us found ourselves stuck in a world between reality and science fiction, crushing strategic plans and humbling (and even humiliating) our leaders. If you’re ready to ask the really tough questions about where we go from here, then you don’t want to miss my interview with Kathy Bowman Atkins, CEO/Co-Founder of The Lattitude Group. We talk about: – Focus on coming out stronger! – How uncertainty and volatility changes strategic planning. – What skills must leaders have to navigate the future. –

What questions every leader should be asking? Got questions? Join the conversation!