“The ability to adapt and flex is based upon how well we do work together. In the midst of any change, and especially rapid change, the weaknesses in process, culture, and even strategy create pressure. It is that pressure that shows us how adaptable and flexible our company is.”
-Jess Dewell, BOLD Business Podcast Host

Jess Dewell talks with Tom Libelt, CEO and Podcast Host Smart Brand Marketing, Kathy Atkins, CEO and Founder of The Lattitude Group, and Paul D. Casey, Coach/Speaker/Author of Growing Forward Services in the newest season of BOLD Business Podcast about agile leadership and adapting to change.

“Holding people accountable goes both ways. Holding them accountable for all the good stuff they do, which is usually far more than things that don’t do well. Also, holding them accountable for what the situation is, and keep[ing] people whole.”
-Kathy Bowman Atkins

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