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We show you how to turn your vision into a strategic roadmap and keep your team on track.

Be the company you aspire to be.


Now is the time to put your vision into action.  It is time to give your leaders the tools to navigate a growing, post-pandemic economy.  We are here to help guide you, as we have done for over 19 years.  As economists predict extraordinary growth in the coming months, planning and development will become even more critical to success.

People will continue to be our greatest asset.  If our people feel confident and renewed, our businesses can succeed.  If we equip our teams with direction, clarity and resources, we give them the best opportunity for personal and professional success.

“The quality of the leadership within your organization is your only sustainable competitive advantage.

Fail-Safe Leadership, Linda L. Martin and Dr. David G Mutchler


Since 2002 our experienced team has been supporting businesses and individuals across the US and Canada with results-driven strategic planning and people development processes. We know how to recognize opportunities and how to help businesses address them. Leverage our years of experience, our process and our results.


We are here with you for the long term. Our average client tenure is over four years. They stay because we prove our value through their success.


We recognize our success is built on your success. We are fully committed to helping you achieve your goals. If you are not satisfied with our work together, we will fully refund your investment.

What We Offer

Hear what our clients are saying

  • “Our company’s success and growth is directly tied to the strategic planning and business coaching provided by The Lattitude Group.

    The business acumen and professional planning has differentiated us as an industry-leading organization and our  leadership team now has a shared vision and alignment around our strategic goals.”


  • “The Lattitude Group has been an incredible partner providing guidance and leadership for our strategic planning teams, executive leadership and coaching, and employee development initiatives.

    The executive coaching is my personal favorite component of our partnership; providing very deliberate and productive strategies for achieving personal and professional growth.”


  • “Mind-opening, inspiring and insightful. Something that should be delivered to all managers and leaders in this company to enhance the culture that already exists.

    I do not have enough words to express overwhelming appreciation to the leaders that made that possible.”

  • “The COVID-19 crisis significantly impacted our company and we had to react quickly. I reached out to The Lattitude Group and within hours, I received a response and set up a consultation almost immediately.

    TLG’s valuable insight and professional advice has helped us greatly during these uncertain times. When I thought about our resources and network of who to turn to, I knew that TLG was the place to go and as always, they did not disappoint.”

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