Episode Summary:

“Join Kathy Atkins of The Lattitude Group as she breaks down Strategic Planning during these trying times. 

The Strategic Planning must be centered around how to keep the company viable through the crisis and maintain as many key resources as possible in the meantime. That is especially difficult given the uncertainty of the length and depth of the crisis. Nonetheless, that is the task at hand, and it is a weekly one at the least, and most likely a daily one. 

The first half of this episode we focus on the other planning you need to be doing now, which is also different than what you’ve typically done, IF YOU’VE BEEN DOING ANY PLANNING before. If you haven’t I hope this experience helps you realize the necessity of doing so systematically, with a change management/accountability system in place so that you are better prepared to deal with small to catastrophic changes.”

-Christopher D. McAuliffe, host of The Coaching Show