There are two critical elements to developing and executing a successful strategy.

The Process

We use Strategic Thinking and Business Planning to gain a deeper understanding of your business. It is discovering who you are, where your business is, what you want your business to be, what you will be willing to do to get there and what outside forces influence your ability to do so. Most are unique to your business and many are personal. The process is sometimes painful, always rewarding, and it's of immeasurable value.

The process is of equal value to...

The Product

The next step is the Business Plan, the map that takes you where you want to be, i.e., realize the vision. We find repeatedly that having gone through the Strategic Thinking and Business Planning process, most business owners are reenergized about their business and its potential.

Our process helps you determine your long term Strategic Objectives. We then work with you to identify the Goals that will ensure that you make necessary and sufficient progress over the next 12 - 18 months toward realizing your Vision and achievement of your Strategic Objectives. Since nothing happens until you move into action, we then facilitate you through the process of identifying the specific action steps (who does what by when) required to accomplish the Goals.

Your Business Plan will include:

Strategic Plan Recap (One-page plan "At-a-Glance")
Market Plan
Sales Plan
Action Plan: Chronological Action Steps for each Goal