people development

We find that most people in the workplace are capable and competent to perform the technical and functional aspects of their jobs. They have or can acquire the knowledge and skills through training. While most people do an adequate job, we often find the spark missing that inspires and realizes the greatness that lies within them. Therefore, while the individuals and the organization get by, the enthusiasm, teamwork and extraordinary results are missing.

It is our experience that the formula for true success and sustained excellence includes not only skills and knowledge, but also three other essential ingredients.

Positive Attitudes, which lead to good Habits and desired Behaviors
Successful goal-setting and achievement
Alignment of personal and organizational goals

We have observed that consistently positive attitudes that lead to extraordinary results and sustained personal, professional and organizational excellence can best be developed as a part of a process.

It has been our experience that people who have developed leadership skills in both their personal and professional lives are also more motivated about and proficient in the execution of strategic plans. Businesses can develop the best strategic business plans possible but if they do not have the people with well-developed personal and professional leadership skills, the plans will not be successfully executed.

We work with our clients through development processes customized to meet their unique needs personally, professionally and organizationally to get sustained and extraordinary results.

With The Lattitude Group, people development takes several forms:

Development Processes for
Team leaders
Sales people
Customer Service Representatives