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TLG reaches 5-year anniversary with client Bright Plastics
We are pleased to enter into the fifth year of our relationship with Bright Plastics, a North Carolina company offering comprehensive plastics manufacturing services. Over the years, we have worked with them on Strategic Thinking and Business Planning, as well as group and one-on-one People Development. The Bright team is a pleasure to work with, and we are gratified to have played a role in the company’s continued growth. There have been too many successes to list, but one stands out. During just one group’s Application Project (a hands-on project built into each People Development process), the team improved on-time assembly delivery, doubled the capacity for assembly revenue, and saved thousands of dollars in labor and inventory costs. Less tangibly, but importantly, they also cited gains in team identity and cooperation, setting and accomplishing goals, communication among peers and between shifts, materials usage efficiency, and longer-term thinking. Many of our clients achieve these sorts of tangible and intangible results, and we take pleasure in all of their successes.
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