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A Lattitude Group client rings in $270,000 in savings as part of a team development process.

When The Lattitude Group is engaged to facilitate a Leadership Development Process, it almost always incorporates an Application Project, in which the participants identify and plan for a significant process improvement or opportunity within their area of responsibility. A team of participants from TLG client Bright Plastics recently completed its project with excellent results. A group of manufacturing facility supervisors was able to identify process changes and business opportunities that will add more than $270,000 annually to the company’s bottom line.

Twice-monthly meetings with the team served a dual purpose. First, they gave structure to the cohesive Leadership Development process, including discussion and individual work on issues such as goal-setting, personal responsibility and communication, and management skills. Second, it encouraged progress on the Application Project, in which participants identified opportunities for improvement, planned the approach, brainstormed to overcome obstacles, and checked in on the timely performance of individual and break-out group tasks, all facilitated by TLG Consultant Kathy Bowman Atkins.

This is a significant success, but not an unusually dramatic one for TLG’s clients. They almost always find that the cost of TLG’s services is directly covered (and overwhelmed) by increased earnings or decreased costs due to the Application Project, as well as improvements in individual and team productivity and sales performance.

Please contact us to find out how the team of consultants at The Lattitude Group can help create a significant bottom-line improvement for your company, as part of a strong and effective Leadership Development Process.