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New service - Strategic Recruiting

In response to client requests, The Lattitude Group now offers high-level staff recruiting and selection assistance.

Today’s job market practically guarantees that any job listing will receive an adequate number of applicants, but it’s become harder to ensure that the right applicants will find their way to each specific position. The objective is to encourage applications from well-qualified applicants—in not just knowledge and skills, but also attitudes and habits. For example, in staffing a sales position, a knowledge of sales techniques is necessary, but even more so is having the right temperament to succeed in a high-energy sales environment. In operations management, a successful hire must not only understand the necessary processes and procedures, but also how to manage a team and maximize long-term productivity in others.

TLG has developed a methodology that includes recruitment, assessment, and personal interviews, to ensure that only the top applicants with the highest likelihood of success are delivered to the hiring manager. For more information about this process, please contact us.